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Dhasarath Patel,Founder

About Us

AMBIKA WOOD INDUSTRIES  – The Company was established in the year of 1962  and now we have our Branches, Godown & Timber Yard at Palani, Tuticorin, Coimbatore. The Company was started and led by Mr. Dhasarath Patel who is having around 50 years of experience in the timber, trading, and sawmill operations.

From the year 1985, after the Imports were allowed, AMBIKA WOOD INDUSTRIES started importing timber from Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, and Africa, Myanmar, South America which is being supplied to Traders in like Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharastra, etc.


     In India we have been focusing mainly on trading the Pine Timber firstly in the form Round Logs; secondly, as sawn/cut sizes as required by the buyer and thirdly in the form of any products like frames for doors & windows, raw reaper boards for making the blockboard; hence, very well catering to the needs of wholesale and retail traders. In order to increase our market share in the retail segment, we are reaching now directly to all well-established Companies / Builders / Contractors to supply our good quality timber and timber products.

      The company posses well trained experienced team both in administration, production and in distribution of logs and sawn and sizes

Our Companies

                   AMBIKA SAW MILL & TRADERS.                 -POLLACHI

                 AMBIKA WOOD INDUSTRIES.                       -POLLACHI

                 ASHOK TIMBERS.                                              -PALANI

                 PRABHAT SAW MILL.                                       -POLLACHI

                 PATIDAR WOOD INDUSTRIES.                      -POLLACHI

                 AERO BOARDS.                                                  -COIMBATORE


SREE AMBIKA WOOD INDUSTRIES offers expertly-manufactured Pine distributors, dealers, and wholesalers worldwide. Our heritage is one of excellence and innovation; from the very beginning, our company has been known for superior product quality and excellent service. We’re proud to continue with those same values and mission today.

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